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Message from the CEO

The World Best Winding Machinery Global Leader KOEM

"KOEM promises to make the best Machinery
Which is based on the highest technique."

This is the CEO of KOEM, Lee Kye Seol.

Established in 1987, KOEM has been operating under the same basic principles : A company of world-class technology, a company with technology for people, a company with technology of the future. We constantly challenge ourselves in production and R&D to manufacture reliable and competitive products.

KOEM manufactures automated capacitor-making equipments. With the skills accumulated for the last 25 years, we have developed automatic winding machine and assembly equipment, which are mainly used in manufacturing the new generating power sources, such as lithium-ion secondary cells, super capacitors, and film capacitors. We currently supply equipments to about 100 manufactures : 30 domestic companies and the rest in 20 different countries for manufacturing Electric vehicles and Hybrid cars, Wind power generators and Solar energy cells, Cellular phones, Laptops, UPS, ESS, Modems, E-bikes, Electric traction, Table PC, LED lights.
We are also expanding our business areas toward more advanced and new power industry.

In order to meet the expectations of our valued customers who care and trust KOEM, all of our employees, including myself, are doing our best by prioritizing our customers' satisfaction to produce equipment that is best in its efficiency and safety. Furthermore, with the technical power which the world has recognized, we will become your true partner.

President. Kye Seol Lee